Natural Brand Product Review: Inna Organic’s Myrr Detoxifying Mask

I’ve become a sheet mask fan…even though I can’t really tell if they really do anything for my skin. I just think they’re a fun thing to incorporate into a self-care regimen because they force you to not do anything for 10-15 minutes or risk it falling off.

I recently tried this Myrr Detoxifying mask from Inna Organic, which is meant to hydrate and give you an even complexion. The mask did fit over my face nicely, but was a little big. Still, I was able to make it work since it clinged nicely to my skin, which is due to the base material which is made from cotton seed. It has such a relaxing scent so you really do get a wonderful aromatherapy experience. And, I will say that my skin was nicely hydrated after using it.

I can’t remember where I got it from. It was most likely a gift. I like this Taiwan brand because it’s cruelty free and a 100% green skin care brand. All ingredients are verified by EWG and all of its organic essential oil blends are certified by ECOCERT. Check out the photo below to see the full list of ingredients.

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