Woman Wins $417 Mil After Claiming Baby Powder Gave Her Cancer

Talc used in Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder could cause cancer, at least that what a Los Angeles judge believes, finding the company guilty of “failing to adequately warn users of the cancer risks of the talc in its baby powder.”

After being diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer, 63-year-old Eva Echeverria, who had been using the powder in her underwear since she was 11, sued the company saying if she knew of the link between talc and cancer she would have stopped using it.

As part of the judgement, J&J will have to pay Eva $70 million in compensatory damages and $347 million in punitive damages. Of course, J&J will be appealing the decision, but this groundbreaking case shows that beauty companies need to be held liable for including toxic ingredients in their products, which could have devastating health effects.

Read more about this story on the Los Angeles Times website.

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