Multiethic Kids Can Now Have Dolls With Natural Hair


Natural hair is becoming mainstream and popularized. We saw an entire movement dedicated to the trend during fashion week, and now the movement has taken a new shape in the form of dolls. I remember playing with Barbie dolls as a kid and I had one dark-skinned African-American doll who had jet-black straight hair down to her waits. I never questioned why she didn’t have coarse spirals like me. I just accepted as a child that straight hair was the definition of beauty, which followed me into adulthood as I looked for every way imaginable to straighten my hair. Fast forward to the future, and although I do straighten my hair on occasion, I’m proud to show of my ringlets in a variety of different styles.

For young girls growing up, there’s hope that they adopt a positive mentality about their hair type with the introduction of Naturally Perfect Dolls. Founded by Angelica and Jason Sweeting the dolls were created to tear apart society’s misrepresented of beauty while setting a new standard for girls who don’t see themselves represented across mainstream media. The dolls all have dark skin, big, beautiful eyes and kinky hair textures. Additionally, they all have a job, and I mean a very professional something-to-aspire-to type of job, ranging from engineer to business entrepreneur. Yasss! The dolls retail for $ 84.99. Visit the company’s website to learn more.

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