Best Six Natural Foods For Naturally Glowing Skin

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Recently the beauty industry has seen a rise in the number of non-surgical face lifts that are opted by women to minimize their skin woes, a major reason attributed to which is time constraints to carry out any form of skin care regime. But, who says it always has to be a skin care regime? Did you know your diet could influence how gorgeous you look without the slightest tinge of make-up involved in the process? Well, here we come up with a list of six natural foods for naturally glowing skin:

The Red Tomatoes
Tomatoes owing to their high content of lycopene which is a natural anti-oxidant works wonders for your skin in terms of getting rid of the stubborn acne marks as well as covering for those disastrous side-effects of sun-exposure namely tanning and skin darkening. The citrus content of the tomatoes further removes the impurities from inside of the system and brings out that healthy glow.

The Juicy Carrots
Another colored vegetable with its content of Vitamin A and Carotene namely carrot does not lag far behind when we are discussing about foods having miraculous effects on the skin. Carrot is best known for its anti-ageing properties and thereby should mandatory make it to your list of diets if non-surgical face-lifts are not your call. Easy to slice up, this vegetable can even out your skin tone at the rate of 35% and de-toxify those skin cells at noticeable rates.

The Nutty Almond
If vegetables are something that makes you sick, your next best option could be Almonds. Rich in the content of Vitamin A as well as fatty acids they act as the best of sunblocks. Not just that, almonds are known to have amazing anti-ageing properties, thanks to which they would erase your wrinkles quite visibly and help your face to build up that collagen again, thus making you look fuller and brighter.

Blooms and Berries
Berries in any forms namely cherries, blueberries or otherwise are full of natural anti-oxidants, in addition to the pigments that they carry because of their bright colours. Not only do they rise up the nutritional value of your diet, but also takes care of the ugly blemishes, thus leaving you with that first love radiance.

some of that tea

Nature’s one of the finest creation that has been unearthed by man and now commercially marketed by every big beauty brand is none other than Green tea. The mentioned can be included in the diet as one of the soothing beverages, and thanks to its content of Vitamin K,D and C does not only help you to get that de-tangled gorgeous locks, but also ensures an acne-free skin owing to controlled secretion of DTH from the body. If that was not all, it also helps in improving your skin tone.

Wild Salmon and Fish
For the non-vegetarians out there, this is your treat. Fishes like herring, salmon and wild trout contains rich amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids which is the best to achieve that perfect health and glowing skin. The concerned fatty acids reduces the redness of the skin caused as a result of acne, skin irritations or any other allergic reactions and helps you to get that impeccable perfected look.
Including all or any of the above mentioned foods in your diet, would result into an extremely rewarding experience, since the effects are trusted, tested and preached by many. Above everything else, always keep your body hydrated and sleep well for at least 6 hours in a day to get that perfect glowing skin.

About the Author:
The above article is composed by CJ, a beautician by profession associated with who loves to share her beauty and health tips via her articles.

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