Incoco Dry Nail Applique Review – “Total Bombshell”

Post by Jolevette

Incoco Glitter Marble

If you want real nail polish strips that you can use to show off your own personal style, Incoco is the brand for you. These strips are made from real nail polish and come in a variety of designs. For this review we used “Bombshell” – a swirl of gold, rose gold, and black with a glitter finish. Here is how to apply the product to end up with a fabulous manicure:

1- File your nails to desired length and push cuticles back (this is a very important step!)

2- Find your size.

3- Peel plastic from front of strip.

step 3

4- Peel plastic from the back.

step 4

NOTE: Be careful as these are real nail polish strips, are very thin and can rip easily. Take your time.

5- Gently, place the strip on nail starting at the cuticle and smooth forward. Stretch strip over nail if necessary.

Step 5

6- Once strip has completely covered the nail, pinch excess off or if you choose, you can use the file provided in the package. However, I found that I did not need the file, as the excess broke off leaving an even line behind after I pinched it together.

That’s it! You should now have gorgeous looking nails that will last for up to 8 days (the package says 10), but mine started to chip at day 5, which is fine – that only means you can take off the old faster to get to the next design!

Final results

Also, unlike nail stickers, these actually come off easily with nail polish remover just like real nail polish, so there is no need to soak first and then peel.

Overall, this is a great product that you need to try. Affordable, beautiful and hassle free! Buy it for $8.99 here»

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