NightCare Heel Treatment Kit

Summer is coming to an end, and other than your tan, you will remember the sunny days when you look down at your dry, cracked heels. Footwear such as flip-flops and sandals are great to show off your pedicure, but the constant exposure to sun and dust, as well as lack of support on the heels can lead to moisture loss. Show your feet some love, by repairing the damage with NightCare’s Heel Treatment Kit ($25). The kit includes a Moisturizing Gel Heel Sock lined with Visco-GEL® to provide continuous hydration to your heels as you rest. It also comes with a 2oz tube of Intensive Healing Foot Cream to eliminate dry skin with vitamins A, D & E and urea.

The Intensive Healing Foot Cream is my favorite product in the kit. It goes on smoothly and after just a few days, I instantly felt an improvement in the softness of my feet, so I started using it to moisture my dry, eczema prone hands (I recently shook someone’s hand at an event, and they commented on how velvety soft my hands felt). The treatment kit is also great to use in the winter when the skin often suffers from moisture loss. Try it today. Your feet (and maybe even your hands) will thank you.

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