Oh my Dahlia!

I love spring. The temperature is always just right; I awaken every morning to the harmonious sounds of birds chirping outside my window, and the most beautiful flowers begin to bloom. A while ago, I did a feature on the lilac, and with spring flowers blossoming and swaying gently in the wind as if they are waving goodbye to winter, I have decided to do a series of beauty products inspired by flowers every month until the end of summer. Today, I wanted to focus on one of my favorite flowers, the dahlia. Known as Mexico’s national flower, these colorful flowers look like they are bursting with joy with rings upon rings of petals. Most dahlias don’t have a scent, but their beauty makes up for it. These flowers traditionally symbolize elegance and dignity, so put on your dahlia inspired beauty products when you are truly feeling regal.

  1. Givenchy Dahlia Noir Eau de Toilette 50 mL, $67.00
  2. Stilla eye shadow pans in compact in Dahlia, $18.00
  3. Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick in #160 Dahlia, $30.00
  4. OPI Be a Dahlia Won’t You?, $8.50

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