4th of July Nail Art

For this 4th of July I decided to show off pride for my country by painting my nails red, white and blue! To accomplish this task, I used the Konad Nail Stamp Art kit. The kit comes with stencil plates, nail polish, rubber stamps and a scraper. What I like about the Konad kit I used is that it allows you to get creative,  so I was excited to get to work!

Since our nations flag is red white and blue, I made sure the colors were reflected prominently in the nail designs. I first painted my nails with a base coat and then color. For the first design I chose a blue base, and for the second design I chose to use white as my base color.

For both looks, I selected stencil designs of star patterns. Using a small dab of polish, I placed the nail polish over the design I chose and used the Konad scraper to rub off any excess nail polish. Next, I gently rolled the stamp over the design. Then, using the same rolling motion, I rolled the design on the stamp onto my nail. It was so easy!

To make the design on my blue nails even more patriotic, I used a thin brush to pipe red lines onto the tips of my nails, and then piped a shimmery silver color in between the empty spaces. I finished off each nail artwork with a clear top coat.

The possibilities are endless when using nail stencils to create a variety of styles this summer. So have fun and get creative!

Guest Post and photography submitted by Jolevette.

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