Maybe she’s born with it…maybe it’s photoshop

Before and after shots of Joan Crawford in a 1931 photography by George Hurrell

In this age of technology it’s hard to separate the real from the fake, especially when it comes to images we see of celebrities and models in magazines and advertisements. Photo manipulation dates back to the 1800s, and has become more prevalent with the advent of advanced photo-editing software. Even the most beautiful celebrities are airbrushed with mouse clicks on a computer (see below). So the next time you see that perfect picture of a beautiful, radiant, flawless celebrity, stop and think to yourself: maybe she’s born with it; but, maybe it’s Photoshop.

Jessica Alba looked beautiful in this Campari ad before her photo was retouched. The altered photo makes her appear a lot thinner with a more enhanced bust and collar bone.
The real picture of Penelope Cruz is on the right. The photoshoped version added more dimension to her hair, lightened her skin tone, and evened out her bust area. Surprisingly, I noticed that she was given a curvier body on the altered version and wider hips. The lingering stand of hair on her forehead was also removed.
Desperate Housewife actress, Nicollette Sheridan, was made to look 10 times younger in the photo on the left. Thanks to Photoshop, all signs of fine lines, dark circles, and skin discoloration were erased with the click of a button.
Photo retouching made Madonna look younger and more radiant in this promo photo-shoot for Hard Candy.

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