The Barely there makeup face at Fashion Weeks around the world

One common makeup theme during fashion week from London to New York is the lack of emphasis of the lips and cheeks. In numerous fashion shows models showed off dramatic eye looks and hair, contrasted against natural or muted lips and cheeks. Makeup during fashion week is just as important as the fashion itself, reports The decisions makeup artists make during fashion week “influence what women will buy in the months to come,” but it usually takes a while for the trends to trickle down to the average consumer. Here’s how you can get the look and stay ahead of the trend:

1. Apply a tinted moisturizer. Because tinted moisturizers are sheer, your natural skin will shine through while evening out your skin complexion.
2. Use concealer sparingly on imperfections only where you really need it, such as blemishes and under eye circles.
Models at Cibeles Fashion Week A/W 2011 (From L to R: Devota & Lomba Fashion Show; Jesus del Pozo Fashion Show; Roberto Verino Fashion Show).
3. Set your makeup with translucent powder.
4. Create a natural look with warm cheek colors similar to your natural flush. You can figure out your natural skin’s blush color by pinching your cheeks. Smile and blend the color in circular motions. Try bareMinerals All-Over Face Colors, which were designed to mimic the natural dewy color of a baby’s cheeks.
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC (2011 Spring Fashion Shows from L tor R: Elene Cassis; Son Jung Wan; Naeem Khan).
5. While the facial makeup was toned down during fashion week, eyes were emphasized. Use eyeliner and eyes shadow to accentuate your eyes. Coat eyelashes with mascara.
6. Use a tinted lip balm or gloss that closely matches your natural lip color. Try Smashbox O-GLOSS Intuitive Lip Gloss With Goji Berry-C Complex™. This lip gloss reacts with your skin chemistry to intuitively create your perfect subtle shade of pink.
London Fashion Week Shows from L to R: Betty Jackson Show; Central Saint Martins MA Show; Osman show.
7. Strike a pose. Hey, you don’t have to be a model at fashion week to admire just how gorgeous you are!

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