Candy Kisses for Valentine’s

This Valentine’s Day tantalize the taste buds of your sweetie with every kiss by wearing a flavored lip gloss. The trick is to find one that’s moisturizing and ultra-light so that your pout is soft and kissable, and your lips don’t end up sticking together, ruining the moment. There are a wide variety of sugary sweet glosses and balms designed to make sure that he’ll always remember the taste of your kiss. First, pick out your favorite flavor category below, then apply some flavor to your pout; finally, start smooching. xxxx


You’re bold, daring and adventurous. Your desire to plant one on him with a burst of citrus will wake up his taste buds for one explosive kiss. Try Kiss My Face cranberry orange lip balm ($3.49).


You’re sensual and romantic. Known to stimulate the brain, and a favorite Valentine’s Day gift for lovers, a creamy chocolate-flavored kiss will set the stage for a seductive passionate kiss. Slather on Hershey’s® Kisses- Shaped Lip Gloss ($5.95)


You’re flirtatious, fun and affectionate. You want to make sure that every kiss is a juicy explosion of flavor. Try L’Oreal Colour Juice Sheer Lip Gloss, Berry Burst ($8.48), a high-shine lip gloss infused with berry syrupiness.


You’re sweet and lovable…well, no wonder he wants to kiss you! Don’t disappoint, try Bare Escentuals 100% Natural Lip Gloss in Sugar Cookie ($15).


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