Kim Kardashian West’s Fashion Style During Paris Fashion Week

News that Kim Kardashian West was held at gunpoint by fake cops in her private Paris apartment is making headlines all over. Reports say the reality stay was unharmed but left “badly shaken” after being tied up and locked inside her bathroom. Her ordeal has resulted in two different points of views: supportive fans who hope the robbers get caught, and people who believe the … Continue reading Kim Kardashian West’s Fashion Style During Paris Fashion Week

Celeb-spiration: Kim Kardashian’s Lace Up Black Pants

Kim Kardashian West was recently spotted wearing skin-tight black lace up pants in Bal Harbour, and it has received mixed reviews all over the internet. Cosmopolitan called it, “the most insane pants I’ve maybe ever seen in my life;” whereas, Perez Hilton called the look “refreshing” compared to her most recent outfits. I actually don’t mind this choice of leg wear and I think it … Continue reading Celeb-spiration: Kim Kardashian’s Lace Up Black Pants

Get The Look: Kim Kardashian’’s Met Gala Makeup

  MAKEUP BY: Mario Dedivanovic for MARC JACOBS BEAUTY INSPIRATION: To match the nude elegance of the Peter Dundas for Roberto Cavalli dress, Mario wanted Kim’s skin to mimic the glowing and simplistic palette of the dress and keep it monochromatic. “We wanted to stay true to Kim’s classic look and enhance her natural beauty and golden, glowy skin.” TIPS/TECHNIQUE: First, Mario created a perfect … Continue reading Get The Look: Kim Kardashian’’s Met Gala Makeup

Kardashian Spring/Summer 2012 Accessories

Last week when I previewed the Kardashian’s new home collection, I also had the opportunity to preview the upcoming swimwear, bag, and accessories that will be launched later on this year. This expansion of their current Kardashian Kollection line shows that there is nothing off-limits for the trio. Take a look below. Which piece can’t you wait to see in stores?

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Bed, Bath & Kardashian?

Ever wondered what it would be like to wake up like a Kardashian? Well, wonder no more, because starting this April you will be able to twist and turn underneath the velvety soft sheets of the Kardashian’s new home collection, available exclusively at Sears. In addition to bedding, the collection also includes a home décor and bath line, with all the trimmings you would expect from the three sisters famous for their bling and fervent love of leopard print.

I’ll admit to being somewhat leery and skeptical when arriving to the event to preview the Kardashian Kollection Summer/Fall 2012 & Home Collection, held at The Setai hotel in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. As I walked through the doors I was expecting to see their faces imprinted on a comforter, or flashy “KK” logos plastered on every item asserting their reign. But, surprisingly this wasn’t the case, as I shockingly peered over high-quality, elegant and chic designs. In fact, the brazen KK logo I was expecting to see was unobtrusive, and virtually nowhere to be found unless you picked up an item and squinted at the attached tag. For some reason, this makes me take the line more seriously that I did before arriving at The Setai. It’s easy to brand something with a logo and hope people will but it because of who you are, but when you allow the piece to speak for itself, there is an authenticity to the product that shows that this collection is more than just a name, it’s a lifestyle, and I like it.

Spanish Harlem- features shades of purple

Super soft duvet covers, bed sheets, and lush pillows from the Kardashian Kollection Home line.

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New Obsession: The Kardashian Kollection

So I have to admit it, I have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Kardashian sisters new clothing line for Sears. Honestly, with the success of running their own clothing store, I was surprised that they would design a line to be featured in the stores of a major retailer, but I’m happy they did. The fashion line is exactly what I would except … Continue reading New Obsession: The Kardashian Kollection

Why do you wear makeup? Plus, stars without makeup!

As far as I could remember, I’ve always been obsessed with makeup. I like watching women apply makeup, applying it on myself, and browsing the newest products on the market. I don’t wear tons of makeup, but if I were going out for a night on the town, I would not feel prepared if I did not at least have a little lip gloss and … Continue reading Why do you wear makeup? Plus, stars without makeup!

Hello world! Happy Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner and whether you decide to be a Fairy Princess or Sultry Vampire Sephora’s Beauty in a Box sets have got you covered, offering inexpensive makeup collections that will get you the best makeup look for your costume, without breaking the bank. I’ve never been the type to dress up on Halloween, so even though these sets are specific to … Continue reading Hello world! Happy Halloween!