Bombay & Cedar February Box Review

Post by Jolevette

Nowadays, there is a box for everything. Your dinner comes in a box. Your beauty routine comes in a box. Your work outfit comes in a box. Your pet food comes in a box. Your childcare items can come in a box (for the parents that didn’t know!). And of course, wellness comes in a box. Since we here at Mixed Ego are all about natural beauty and wellness, I decided to subscribe to one of the best natural beauty and wellness boxes out there: Bombay & Cedar.

To be candid, I saw the Bombay & Cedar box on the website where there were subscription packages for sale. I reviewed the Bombay and Cedar website, and I decided to buy one box to test it out. What a surprise! This box has so many quality products and they are all eco-friendly, naturally derived, and made from organic ingredients. This February box rocks! The items included are amazing:

1) Ello – Glass Tumbler
2) Province Apothecary – Clear Skin Advanced Spot Treatment
3) FEEL – Renewed Pumpkin Walnut Facial Cleanser (smells like my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving!)
4) SpaRoom – Mini Scentifier Portable Essential Oil Diffuser
5) Kaibae – Baobab Fruit Powder (gives a boost to your smoothies!)
6) Bombay & Cedar – Eucalyptus Lemon and Cedarwood Essential Oils
7) Alter Eco – Dark Almond (Organic Chocolate)
8) Love Who You Are by M.H. Clarke (a book about how to love yourself!)

All of the products are earth friendly, vegan friendly, and not made with harsh chemicals. For example, FEEL is made sans parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or silicones “using natural ingredients + extracts wherever possible.” (Bombay & Cedar: Feb. 2018 Cherish, Issue pg. 4).

While a little bit on the pricey side ($39.00 with a Gilt coupon and shipping and handling), it is well worth the money because all of the products are full size. You read right – FULL SIZED products are in every box. And the subscription options are flexible. You can order one box at a time if you wish (the monthly subscription). Or you have the option of a prepaid three or six-month subscription.

I am loving the Bombay and Cedar brand and I can’t wait for the March box!

So, if you are ready to toss those toxic beauty products goodbye, this subscription is a great place to start. Here are two additional options to purge your old beauty supplies:

1) Credo Beauty – As mentioned in another article on this site, you can throw out your old products, clean the bottles, and bring them to any Credo where you will get points. All of those points add up to a free gift! (Nail polish and perfume bottles not collected).
2) Birchbox – For the month of March, Birchbox Soho (New York) is collecting unused beauty products to donate to the Dress for Success program. You can give your unused and unwanted products and get 15% off your purchase that day.



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