Nail Art: CND for Libertine Fall/Winter 2017


The nail artists of CND teamed up with designer Johnson Hartig to create 17 (yes, you heard right, 17!) intricate nail styles for the Libertine Fall/Winter 2017 fashion show. The one-of-a-kind creations were inspired by the decorative and flamboyant style of Romanian gypsies and the handwoven embroidery by Uzbekistani village women.

CND Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold and CND creative lead Heather Davis led the CND Design Lab Team who embraced upcycling, recycling and handcrafting a nomadic patchwork for nails.

Roses in vibrant shades of primary and secondary brights were hand-painted using SHELLAC Brand 14+ Day Nail Color or VINYLUX Weekly Polish. The roses were then “spot varnished” with SHELLAC Top Coat or left powdery-matte, while backgrounds were either liquid-lacquered with BRISA Gel or treated to replicate silk velvet.

The design work didn’t stop there. Nails were adorned with thread, beads, crystals, feathers and yarn – creating everything from needlepoint embroidery to a modern shag Mohawk effect. Some nails featured golden chains and even dangling fringe reminiscent of Rastafarian dreadlocks. In total, CND’s renowned artists put in over 400 combined hours to produce the decorative nail looks.

“Our artistic synergy with Libertine continues to evolve season after season,” said Davis. “We all know Johnson for his incredibly playful, yet ultimately sophisticated designs, which have inspired some of our most memorable nail artistry yet. This season, we’re taking it to the next level with rich multi-cultural prints and textures that transport you to another world. I’m so proud of the work we continue to do together.”

“CND’s nails are unlike anything else out there on the runway,” said Hartig. “Every season, I think we can’t take it any further, and then we do! They continue to blow my mind with their artistry again and again…it’s breathtaking.”

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