Nolcha Shows Spring/Summer 2017: Rohitava Banerjee | ACID NYC | Samantha Leibowitz

On September 12th, I attended the 5pm Spring/Summer 2017 shows of Nolcha Fashion Week at Artbeam Studios in Chelsea, which featured Samantha Leibowitz, ACID NYC and Rohitava Banerjee.

Samantha Leibowitz displayed her ready-to-wear collection of trendy pieces inspired by art and architecture. Chic cocktail dresses that can be worn to the office or a night out on the town were prevalent in the collection, which incorporated unstructured solid prints and geometrical cut lines in addition to color blocking and fiery red garments.

image7 image8

ACID NYC, by Evelyn Luna and Scott Chester, displayed their edgy, colorful garments which made you wish you were heading on a glorious vacation with stylish rompers and freely flowing fabrics that lightly kissed the air as the models walked down the runway. Every color from burnt orange to bright teal was featured in the stylish collection, which  incorporated eye-catching patterns – one green dress featured an embellishment of a design of tree branches that crawled its way up to the top of the dress.

Rohitava Banerjee’s garments were anything but ordinary. Architectural silhouettes featuring intricate detail work graced the runway for the final presentation of the night. Each item in the collection tells a story. One piece, for example, was inspired by Sultans of the early Ottoman Empire, and features detailed embroidery about their life.
image1 image6

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