Couture Fashion Week September 10th Shows

It is that fabulous time of the year where we clean out our closets and look towards the future. It is called Fashion Week, and Carrie Bradshaw is not the only one sitting in designer runway shows that showcase new trends and where ideas come to life on a human body.

New York Fashion Week is heating up all over lower Manhattan, but Midtown is also buzzing with Couture Fashion Week presented by Zee Entertainment at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square. Designers from all over the globe have come to this event to showcase their Spring 2017 collections in what can be called the Olympics of the couture fashion world. Here are some of my favorite designers from the Saturday shows.

Vivre Canvas Couture (USA)


Designer Kristine Alyce and Artist Sarah Lapierre combine forces to create a fun filled line made of canvas and acrylic paint. The dresses were works of art with every color and brush stroke. You cannot help but feel the waves of the ocean on a beach in Miami when the models came down the runway. The piece a la resistance was the Midnight Bloom ball gown with adorned with jellyfish acrylic painting. This dress has a retail value of $15,000 which is less than a Rembrandt at an auction, but it can actually be worn!


Isabel Zapardiez (Spain)


Extreme attention to detail, daring, and bold all describe this collection. A woman can feel powerful yet elegant in one of these designs. The designer left no stitch unturned and every feather and bead perfectly placed to create walking visions of power.


Narine Tovmasyan (Russia)


Beauty and grace define the pieces featured in this collection. The designer takes you on a journey almost through the seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Every piece indicated an element of that season creating a cohesive collection of colors and style.


Mira Indria (Indonesia)


Look no further if you want to stand out from the crowd. This designer not only showcased innovative designs, she started off with a bang of bold colors of black and red encrusted floral dresses for the evening. She then switched themes, and added a smooth male singer, bringing out colors of creams and whites for the bride or wedding guest looking for extra details on her gown. The beading and floral designs on every dress was intricately done making this collection a must see for those who want a personalized look for their evening event.



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