Hello Products – Oral Care With A Friendly Twist

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“Hello, let’s be friends.” That’s what the pink box I received from Influenster had written on it, and I immediately knew what was inside. I have been a huge fan of Hello Products’ mouthwashes for some time now, because they are alcohol free and freshens my breath without leaving my mouth burning. The company’s products have a cute tagline on the packaging that you can’t help but smile when you read: “naturally friendly, refreshes, delicious and improves dates.”

In my Influenster box, I received 2 toothpastes and breath sprays in the flavors Pink Grapefruit Mint and Mojito Mint, as well as a toothbrush.

The taste of the pink grapefruit mint toothpaste is not as bitter as you would expect. It does taste like grapefruit, but a yummy, sweet grapefruit you really want to sink your teeth into (pun not intended). It’s an unusual flavor for toothpaste, but the yummy goodness has me looking forward to brushing my teeth. The Mojito Mint is just as good. It has a sweet lime/mint infused flavor without the vodka, so don’t worry kids can use it! The flavors in both of the toothpastes overall are very mild and the color of the paste regardless of the flavor is white. My tooth does feel extremely clean after using it and my mouth is fresh long after brushing.

The tootbrush is also really good and made with made with biodegradable corn resin and recycled plastic. The package has a note on it that says “Yes, nice bristles. No, bells + whistles. Hello, happy pearlies.” And, boy were my pearlies were happy after using the pretty pink bristle head toothbrush. Now, I wouldn’t say that this toothbrush is superior to other brushes on the market, but it gets the cleaning job done, and I feel good using a product that is environmentally friendly.

I tend to brush my teeth several times a day so I have no need for breath sprays, but since I received them complimentary in my Influenster box, I gave them a try. Similar to the toothpastes they taste great and leave a fresh scent in your mouth so that you are ready to pucker up on that big date or feel more confident during an interview. The taste isn’t overpowering, and you really don’t need more than a couple of sprays for fresh breath.

These products are definitely worth giving a try, and if you visit their Facebook page you can get a $1 off coupon for the mouthwash, toothpaste or breath spray.

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