Nolcha Fashion Week: Danilo Gabrielli, Guljan Yrys, & KabukiU

On Monday, September 12th, I attended the Nolcha Fashion Runway shows of designers Danilo Gabrielli, Guljan Yrys, KabukiU at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Before the shows began I had a very brief moment to check out the booths of the amazing sponsors of the night including Kiss, VitaBath, and LypSyl (this stuff is amazing! It melts right onto your lips).

The show began with the Spring/Summer 2012 collection by Italian designer Danilo Gabrielli, and featured rich earthy tones, free flowing dresses, sparkling sequin pieces, ruffled skirts, and a breathtaking short dress flanked by a long fur train.

Designer Gulzhan Rysbekova’s line Guljan YRYS followed Gabrielli’s show. Daring little black dresses sauntered down the runway in every type of fabric and design imaginable. Although these dresses were monotone, they were designed so intricately and were so unique, that they were truly nothing short than mesmerizing. Rysbekova didn’t stop there. Immediately after the sea of black, followed white gowns that looked as if they were channeling a chic wedding in the Hamptons with soft fabrics, detailed embellishments and figure-flattering silhouettes.

Models pose after the runway show (Gulzhan Rysbekova line).

Designer Telina Webb’s KabukiU latest collection, Romantique, closed the show. The collection combined the designer’s Euro-Asian heritage with romantic 1950’s evening, lounge and lingerie styling. Vibrant, multi-colored kimonos and dresses filled the room, featuring flowing silk, pastel brocades, and cream embroidered fine chiffon.

Models pose after the KabukiU Spring/Summer 2011 runway show.

3 thoughts on “Nolcha Fashion Week: Danilo Gabrielli, Guljan Yrys, & KabukiU

  1. It was such a great show, so I didn’t want to wait too long to get this post up! Don’t feel too bad, I’m still working on a post for another fashion show I attended that same day.

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