Item Must-Have: Sparkle Sneakers

I am not an impulse buyer by any means, but the other day when I was walking by Bakers shoe store in midtown Manhattan, glittering multi-colored sneaker stopped me in my tracks, and I had no choice but to enter the store and ask to try on a pair of the sparkly footwear. Usually I would never buy sneakers that were impractical or childish, but impractical and childish these are not. Memorizing, captivating and fun are the adjectives I would use to describe these chicly decorated H by Halston Baillee sneakers. These sneakers added instant glamour to my usual black pants and shirt attire, and are available in three styles: White/Glitter or Black/Glitter & Man Made or Black Multi/Glitter & Suede.

I chose the multi glitter suede style, after seeing how each step I took glistened in the light, and for $29.99, it’s quite a steal! Head to Bakers and get yourself a pair before they’re sold out»

I could not stop staring at my feet as I walked.
Bling, Bling!
Love the shine!

(Photos taken by Jolevette)

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