Footwear Company Offers Customized, Hand-Painted Shoes

We’ve all been there. We spend hours changing our outfit so that we look our very best, walk into an event, and there stands someone one wearing the exact same thing. The great thing about fashion is that it allows you to celebrate your own uniqueness; however, this can get a little difficult sometimes when you have items that hundreds of other people own because … Continue reading Footwear Company Offers Customized, Hand-Painted Shoes

CAT Footwear Celebrates NYC Pop-Up With Shoe Art

On Tuesday, October 14th, I attended the launch party for CAT Footwear’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collection at their new Pop-Up location at the Roger Smith Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. The event was held to celebrate the company’s original 1990 “Colorado,” boot, which is now returning to retail shelves and will be available in the U.S. for the first time this fall. Prior to the event, five … Continue reading CAT Footwear Celebrates NYC Pop-Up With Shoe Art

Are Your Feet Grounded?

Walking. It’s something most of us do every day without really thinking too much about it. Juil, an innovative footwear company is trying to change that.  The company, launched in February 2011, creates footwear that aims to recreate the sensation your feet feels when walking barefoot in a concept called grounding.  Advocates of grounding assert that when one’s bare feet comes in direct contact with … Continue reading Are Your Feet Grounded?

Steeping Out – Bizzarre Shoes

As a fashion blogger, I like to surf around the web and visit different sites to see whats out there, and let me tell you, what’s out there is a lot. During my hunting trips through the forest of fashion content available online, nothing has perplexed and intrigued me more than odd shoes. Remember this piece I did called “Artistic Footwear” when the blog first started? I … Continue reading Steeping Out – Bizzarre Shoes

Get Custom-Made Shoes this Summer

Post submitted by Jolevette Love to show off you personality through shoes? Always dreamed of having something custom-made just for you? Well now you can. For a limited time, you can stop by Henri Bendel, located on the infamous Fifth Avenue in New York City, and have a sandal made-to-order just for you. My shoe size is between an 8 1/2 and 9, and sometimes … Continue reading Get Custom-Made Shoes this Summer

Essential Summer Shoes for Every Woman – 2012

Every woman needs to have a go to perennial summer essential shoe collection. This is the time of year when our cute toes get to peek out at the sun after months of being forced into sensible winter boots. In the summer months you get to show off your sexy pedicures without the ubiquitous flip-flop anywhere in sight. There are five must have types of … Continue reading Essential Summer Shoes for Every Woman – 2012

Can you spot the more expensive shoe?

When you buy shoes, do you pay for the designer name brand or the fashionable style? If you see shoes by high-end designers that you covet, but can’t afford the designer price tag, it’s very easy find similar styles that look just as good, but won’t break your bank account. Take a look at some of the shoes below. Can you spot the expensive designer … Continue reading Can you spot the more expensive shoe?

BP. 'Magikal' Pump

Ring in the New Year with New Shoes

If you’re still looking for the perfect pair of glittery footwear to ring in the New Year with, then look no further. I’ve scoured the World Wide Web to bring you my favorite sparkling creations, sure to out rival the shine of the most decked out Christmas tree. After all, shoes can change a girl’s life at midnight… just ask Cinderella. Continue reading Ring in the New Year with New Shoes

Dress Like it’s your Birthday…Everyday

When I think of birthdays, I envision multi-colored confetti sprinkled all over a room, so why not feature that kind of inspiration in your wardrobe. There should always be at least one item in your closet that screams, “Party over here!”. Add at least one glittery, muti-cored staple piece to your collection, and Happy Birthday! Continue reading Dress Like it’s your Birthday…Everyday