Be A Mad Hatter

Spring is in full swing and the anticipation to the much desired summer months keep building, and, why not? During the summer, you get to wear your most fabulous outfits without having to shield them behind a huge winter coat. But, one thing you may have to shield is your eyes from the glare of the sun. Stay fashionable and cool with a trendy hat this summer.

Rachel McAdams wore a black floppy sun hat at the airport. You can get a similar hat at Urban Outfitters. Floppy sun hats are an essential summer accessory, and are a chic way to prevent your skin from being damaged by the sun.

(March 5, 2011 - Photo by Bauer Griffin)

Pussycat Doll singer Nicole Scherzinger shielded her head with a white sun hat. You can get a similar version by designer Jeanne Simmons, available at Over-sized hats such as this one are a great investment when it comes to skin cancer prevention.

(May 25, 2008 - Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images Europe)

Big floppy hats not your thing? You can opt for a newsboy cap like Kylie Minogue (pictured below), which is still trendy, but a little bit more causal for everyday wear. Get her look with a similar cap by Nine West available at The little stiff peak on the front of these caps do a great job of shielding your face from the sun’s harsh glare.

(November 10, 2010 - Photo by Bauer Griffin)

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