Do magazine articles inspire you to want to look better?

A new study published in a recent issue of the journal Media Psychology revealed that images of models can inspire people to achieve the same ideal shape, if accompanied by an article that gave tips on what the reader could do to achieve that modelesque body. The study showed that people who were unhappy with their shape and size spent more time looking at images of models, if the picture was accompanied by a how-to article on how to achieve that physique. The same people ignored photos that did not share tips or give inspiration on how to attain the perfect shape. So, even though the pictures made them feel flawed, they were still inspired by the photos, since the articles made them believe they could improve their body by following the tips provided. How do images of models affect you? When you see an article on how to achieve the perfect abs, next to a picture of Janet Jackson, does that motivate you to start working out?

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