Lada Gaga recycles her fashion, so why is it still innovative?

Lady Gaga is on fire. Well, at least her bra is on the cover of the latest issue of Italian GQ. However, this is not the first time the songstress has had fireworks shooting out of her chest. She donned an explosive bra during the 2009 MuchMusic Awards in Toronto, Ontario, which shot sparks as she performed her chart-topping hits.

Comparably, Laga Gaga also graced the cover of Rolling Stone wearing a machine gun bra, and not much else. But, prior to that photo shoot, she wore a similar machine gun bra in her video for Alejandro.

Moreover, Gaga was dressed in a clear plastic bubble suit on the June 2009 cover of Rolling Stone, but had donned a similar bubble dress costume during a performance at San Diego’s House of Blues in May 2009.

And how can I forget the meat dress, which graced the cover of Vouge Hommes Japan after it caused a stir at the 2010 MTV Music Awards.

I’m sure it’s strategic on her part. She clearly has a thing for transposing her iconic fashion statements from the red carpet to the cover of magazines.  But, if the outfits already made a statement the first time around, why do we need to see it again? When most celebrities wear the same outfit twice, they are ridiculed in the press, but for Gaga, it’s a different story. She could literally wear the same meat dress to the upcoming 2011 MTV Video awards, and everyone would still praise her for her daring fashion choice.

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