End of Summer Hottest Trend – Leopard Print

I absolutely adore this season’s latest trend fixation – leopard print. It’s become the new black, or neutral, that you can wear just about anything with. It’s hard to walk into any fashion store and not find pieces with solid black spots peppered against a golden hue, mimicking the look of a leopard’s coat. Leopard print does have a sexy allure to it, and you … Continue reading End of Summer Hottest Trend – Leopard Print

image taken from sears.com

New Obsession: The Kardashian Kollection

So I have to admit it, I have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Kardashian sisters new clothing line for Sears. Honestly, with the success of running their own clothing store, I was surprised that they would design a line to be featured in the stores of a major retailer, but I’m happy they did. The fashion line is exactly what I would except … Continue reading New Obsession: The Kardashian Kollection

Summer Luxury Bazaar: Brooklyn Stone Boutique & Cake Joy Dessert Lounge

Yesterday I attended a private press preview and luxury shopping extravaganza at Brooklyn Stone Boutique in the Fort Green section of Brooklyn, NY. Founded in September of 2010, the boutique carries one-of-a-kind selections of indie and international fashion and beauty brands. An avid fashion lover, the store’s owner and founder Regina Stone, takes pride in selecting pieces that are high in quality and exclusivity.

Inside the Brooklyn Stone Boutique.

“What’s unique about the store is that everything is bought in limited quantities,” she explains. “You aren’t going to walk down the street and have to worry about seeing someone else wearing one of the pieces.”

You’ll definitely stand out in a crowd when wearing one of these rare international designer pumps.

Of course, I had to find out what is the most sought after item in the store, so that I could make sure to grab one for myself. As it turns out, it’s the jumpsuits, which are so popular; there were none available in the store for me to see, as they had all sold out for the day.

Also unique about the store, is Regina’s presence, as she enthusiastically admits to working hands-on at the boutique daily in every role imaginable, from operating the cash register to assisting customer with selecting items.

Jewelry display case at the boutique

The costs of the items in the store vary greatly, with enough price ranges to fit everyone’s budget: apparel ranges from $40-$250; handbags are in the range of $120-$325, and the jewelry starts as low as $15 and goes up to $200.

Distinctive decorative jewelry available for purchase at the store.

As the Brooklyn Stone Boutique continues to expand, Regina plans on adding more shopping events, expanding the store’s personal shopping service, and even starting her own fashion line. Don’t live in New York, but want to purchase the unique items sold at the boutique? Visit Brooklyn Stone Boutique’s online store now»

I then headed next door to the Cake Joy Dessert Lounge, which was founded in December 2010 by Executive Patery Chef Kym Rodgers, who does all of the baking herself on-site, seven days a week, with the assistance of one intern.

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Item Must-Have: Sparkle Sneakers

I am not an impulse buyer by any means, but the other day when I was walking by Bakers shoe store in midtown Manhattan, glittering multi-colored sneaker stopped me in my tracks, and I had no choice but to enter the store and ask to try on a pair of the sparkly footwear. Usually I would never buy sneakers that were impractical or childish, but impractical … Continue reading Item Must-Have: Sparkle Sneakers

Easter Fashion

When I think of Easter and fashion, I think of soft pastel colors, bright florals, and free-flowing clothing. Easter dresses capture the nostalgia of springtime, and usher in feel-good vibes of the summer to come. Here are some tips on picking out your perfect Easter outfit: 1. You can be sexy on Easter. Choose form-fitting dresses with floral patterns such as the White/Turquoise Floral Print … Continue reading Easter Fashion

Rock the Red Pump

Every 9 minutes, someone is infected with HIV. March 10th is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD). It’s a nationwide initiative, recognized by the U.S. very year, in order “to raise awareness about the increasing impact of HIV/AIDS on women & girls.” The Red Pump Project™ is a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 that not only raises awareness on this day, but urges … Continue reading Rock the Red Pump

Walk like a Celebrity…if you can afford to

Celebrities wear the most fabulous shoes. Just because your name doesn’t appear in headlights, that doesn’t mean you can wear the same footwear as your favorites stars. Here’s what the celebs are wearing and where you can buy the exact same shoes. Audrina Partridge arrived at a hotel in Sydney wearing Tory Burch “Reva” Ballet Flats, which you can buy for $195 at Bloomindales. Bella … Continue reading Walk like a Celebrity…if you can afford to

Brave the rainbow color palette

When the sun shines on droplets of water, a colorful rainbow appears in the sky revealing a beautiful spectrum of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Although the sun has not been shining enough lately due to the harsh winter weather, there’s no reason why we can’t add the colors of the rainbow to our wardrobe. This winter, you can be the drop … Continue reading Brave the rainbow color palette

Glam up your feet with Glitter shoes for less

I can’t seem to get over the sparkly Gianmarco Lorenzi Gregory Shoes Adrienne Maloof wore on the season finale of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (pictured left), which aired on Bravo on Thursday, January 20th. I also can’t get over the $2,795 price tag. For those of you who are in love with the shoes just as much as I am, here are some … Continue reading Glam up your feet with Glitter shoes for less

Stay ahead of the trend: Peacock Prints and Feathers

  I’m starting to notice the emergence of a certain feathery creature in fashion stores – the peacock. Just recently, while browsing through the accessories department of Forever 21, I saw headbands, earrings and other accessories inspired by the colorful bird. Take the time to look through the racks of outfits in various stores, and you will see that brilliant blue-green hues are everywhere, and … Continue reading Stay ahead of the trend: Peacock Prints and Feathers