Natural Brand Review: French Girl

Post by Jolevette

French Girl Rose Lip Polish

I have been on the search for a solution to my dry lips when the winter comes to town and I finally found it in this elegant container of rose lip polish from French Girl. French Girl is an organic beauty brand that is 100% vegan and cruelty free. Even though the company makes its products in Seattle, Washington they provide all the elements that make you feel like the quintessential Parisian woman – elegant and beautiful.

The rose lip polish is a minty sugar scrub which is a simple mix of organic butters (shea) coconut oil, rose oil, and even some peppermint oil. All organically sourced. A small amount is all you need! I use this almost daily as it soothes cracked lips and gets rid of dead skin. And don’t worry if a bit finds its way to the tip of your tongue – it has a sweet taste, but I do not recommend eating it! The butters and coconut oils leave your lips moist and as smooth as silk. I follow this up with my favorite organic lip balm from Herbivore in coconut rose.

French Girl Hair Revive Oil

Another one of my favorite French Girl products is the Hair Revive Oil. Dry scalp and hair is a thing of the past for me! Infused with rose oils (can you tell I like rosy things?) and argan oil, this scent itself takes you away to the South of France. I use this after washing my hair for a sleek blowout and on dry hair for smoothing and shine. You can also put in your hair before you wash for 30 minutes to two hours as a hot oil treatment. The results? I always have smooth silky strands or bouncy shiny curls! Note: The name of this product has changed since I first purchased it months ago. It is now the “Hair Replenishing Oil” but it is still made with the same ingredients.

I highly recommend French Girl if you are new to an organic beauty regime. It is also very budget friendly and with all these products a little bit goes a long way! That leaves more $$$ in your wallet for that vacation to Provence…Bon Voyage!

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