Clean Beauty Brand Review: Sand and Sky


I got both of my sisters these two masks from Sand and Sky because I just liked the pretty pink color of the product, and I wanted to make sure to supply them with something made with clean and natural ingredients. I never actually used the ones I had until they started raving about how great their skin looked after using the clay version of the mask. Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve tried the products out and I’m happy to report that they did not disappoint. Both masks brighten up my skin when it’s looking dull and gives me a fresh glow. I’ve been using the exfoliating face mask more than the porefine one because I love how baby soft it makes my skin feel (and I’ve been too lazy to charge my Clarisonic). The scrub doesn’t feel like you’re ripping your skin off and you only have to leave it on for 5 mins. You can order the products online.

Who created it:
The brand was developed by Sarah Hamilton and her twin sister, Emily, (these boss babes launched Bellabox, which is Australia’s version of Birchbox). When sourcing products for Bellabox, they pair noticed a lack of skin care products that contained ingredients native to Australia. This was critical because Australia is one of the least polluted continents in the world and 80% of its flora and fauna is indigenous to the country. So, the pair decided to launch their own skin care line using Australia’s pure ingredients.

How much does it cost:
There are only 2 products in the line:
Porefining Face Mask ($49)
Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment ($43)

Why I like it (besides the results):
There’s no extra, unnecessary ingredients used. The company has an interactive map on its website that shows where all the natural and organic ingredients are sourced from, which is pretty cool. Also, its is free of any animal components and/or by-products and gluten free. The company is also committed to using recyclable materials and reducing waste whenever possible.

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