CND for Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2017

(Photo by Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images for CND)

CND, known for their over-the-top nail artistry at Fashion Week, teamed up Jeremy Scott to create striking designs for his Fall/Winter runway. The custom nail style creations were led by Miss Pop CND’s Creative Ambassador and Jan Arnold CND’s Co-founder & Style Director. The duo was aiming to take the classic red nail and make it cool to wear again, but with a twist.

“This look is all about playful showbiz glitz,” said Miss Pop. “Over a fiery red nail, I added graphic gold stars –rising up the nails, boldly standing front and center, and co-starring in corners. It’s an element that takes that aspirational glamour of LA and makes it DIY.”

To create the look, a base of VINYLUX Weekly Polish in Banana Clips was applied, followed by a layer of Electric Orange. Finally, nails were topped with a layer of Wildfire. Some models’ nails were further embellished with hand-painted gold stars, which were meant to be reminiscent of the world-renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame.

(Photo by Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images for CND)

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