Dove and Aeneas…..


If you do not understand the title, let me explain. The actual title should be “Dido and Aeneas,” which is an opera by Henry Purcell. This is a production that I recently performed in with the Brooklyn Music School. It is a story of two lovers, the Queen of Carthage Dido and her Trojan Prince Aeneas, torn apart by a jealous Sorceress. So what does this have to do with a company that makes personal care products?

A lot. As the audience might be unaware, as they sit in a cooled theater, the stage with lights can become extremely hot. Combine the lights of the stage plus ensemble movement and singing (classical singing requires a lot of work), and we performers create a sweat storm of monsoon proportions. This was the case during the BMS production of “Dido and Aeneas.” So, to solve the problem of being uncomfortable and not wanting to offend the senses of my fellow cast members I turned to the dry deodorant just launched by Dove. It promised 48- hour protection and instant dryness.

I gave it a try on the night of the final performance and was astounded. Why didn’t I have this during rehearsal or even on the first night of the show? I sprayed it on about three hours before show time and was immediately invigorated by the scent and a bit comforted. By the time I had warmed up with the ensemble for about an hour, I could still smell the sweet cucumber aroma and feel the freshness. I walked on stage confident for the First Act. Even in between costume changes this proved to be a powerful spray. I had to switch into a witch costume for the Second Act and surprisingly the dark robe was not stained with the usual white stuff or my sweat. Even though I did get mighty hot on stage and in between changes, I had happy armpits. Whereas the Queen of Carthage did not survive the departure of her lover, Dove lasted well after the show and through the cast party.


I am sure theater critics would give the new Dove Dry-Deodorant spray five stars as it performed extremely well.

A word of caution – be sure to spray the deodorant directly into your underarm and not all over the underarm area. I used some before going to the gym one day and over sprayed with too much enthusiasm, which caused some white power to show on my arms. However, in the underarm itself, nothing appeared.

Disclaimer: We received this product to test for free from Influenster.

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