New York City Museums Strut Their Stuff

Post by Jolevette

It may not be Fashion Week, but museums in New York City are having their own fashion shows on display.

I. The Jewish Museum: Isaac Mizrahi: An Unruly History


“I do everything from a place of love.” This is one of the many quotes from Isaac Mizrahi that has stuck with me since seeing the exhibit devoted to his work at the Jewish Museum this past weekend. From a Yeshiva school in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn to the New York City School for the Performing Arts and the Parsons School for Design, Isaac Mizrahi has chartered his own course and created a truly unique world that combines fashion, art, and performance in all of his collections.

Everything from Mozart to Broadway to the stars of Hollywood has been touched by the genius of Isaac Mizrahi. He has made his mark on the world using vibrant colors, prints, and cuts not only to be worn as clothing, but stand out as works of art, statements, all thoughtful and engaging for both the wearer and the admirer. It is clear from his history and designs on display that there is true love behind every cut and stitch of fabric. Every piece has been carefully thought about and filled with everything this designer has inside his heart. This is the additional touch that makes pieces from his collection extraordinarily special.


Not only does Isaac Mizrahi design for the stage, the rich and famous. He designs for the everyday woman. Such is the tremendous love for his craft, Mizrahi has designed a line of affordable women’s fashions. He has launched brands with Target and hosts Isaac Mizrahi Live! on the QVC network where exclusive and inexpensive pieces can be purchased.

A designer of all, Isaac Mizrahi is a global treasure and a legend to be counted among the stars.

While the exhibit is not longer available for viewing (it closed on August 7th), you can check out a few selections that I took while visiting the display. You can also watch his documentary Unzipped available to rent on Netflix and on Amazon Prime.




II. Metropolitan Museum of Art: Manus x Machina

Couture is defined as the business of designing, making, and selling, fashionable custom-made women’s clothing. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art couture is taken to new heights with the Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology exhibit. Explore designs from some of the major fashion houses around the world including House of Dior and the House of Chanel.

Electric, eccentric, beautiful, and fashionable do not fully describe the fashions on display in this exhibit. They are not just designs; they are works of art. Take a stroll down the Met Museum red carpet and discover for yourself, the magnificence that occurs when modern machines meet the minds of today’s fashion designers. This exhibit is open until August 15, 2015.


For more information see the Metropolitan Museum Web site.

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