New Handbag Line: Comes With Baggage

A couple of months ago I was introduced to a fabulous new handbag line, Comes With Baggage, designed by NYC style maven Lori Levine. The sassy line features vintage handbags with bold expressions in a variety of colors and textures for the woman who wants to make a statement without having to say a word. Some examples of the sayings on the bags include, What Are You Bitches Lookin’ At? and my personal favorite, Protect Me from What I Want. In addition to the audacious one-liners, Comes With Baggage also features a bridal line with charming taglines such as Happily Ever After, @Wifey, and Old New Borrowed & Blue.

Bitches Clutch (Black Patent Leather, Gold Ink), $288.00
Dreaming Clutch (Red Snake Skin, Gold Ink), $288.00
Old, New, Borrowed & Blue Clutch (Navy Snake Skin, Gold Ink), $288.00
Playing it Safe Clutch (Cream Snake Skin Leather, Gold Ink), $288.00
Protect Me Clutch (Black Fabric, White Ink), $288.00
Curse Clutch (Taupe Leather, Black Ink), $288
Curse Clutch (Taupe Leather, Black Ink), $288

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