BASIC Hair Pop Up Hair Salon During Fro Fashion Week

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On September 6th, BASIC Hair operated a Pop Up Hair salon as a part of Fro Fashion Week. This first time extravaganza focused solely on the beauty and style of all natural hair. Curly, kinky, wavy – every curl type was welcome!  I decided to try the BASIC all natural hair service. BASIC, prides itself on its BASIC boost treatment that not only smoothes your hair when wanting to wear it straight, but also can define your curl.

My hair was treated with a “Boost”, which consists of Boost Sulfate Free Shampoo and Boost Rapid Conditioner. If you have a lot of products build up in your hair, use a clarifying shampoo beforehand and followed by the Boost Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair was the softest it has even been after this wash. The leave-in conditioner was applied and my hair then sectioned. The hair stylist, Dawn, then proceeded to add the curl defining gel to each section (not a lot, literally a dime piece), and then double strand braid my hair and then I was sent to it under the drier.

At this point I had two options, unravel the braids or continue to let the hair air dry.


I chose the latter. I returned the next day to have loosen the braids and the result; soft, bouncy and defined curls! I couldn’t believe it when I saw myself in the mirror.

The main idea behind this line is keeping your hair natural whether you choose to wear it straight or curly. The Boost treatment will help your hair get healthy, retain and add vital protein to your hair and give your tresses a lustrous look after every wash and style. But, not only does this product aim to make your hair fabulous, the Herbaceous Oil works in your hair to add shine and penetrate to add nutrients to your hair; it can also be used as a body oil. I tried a dab on my hands and it did not sit on my skin like most body oils so, after a few seconds of massaging into my hand, it disappeared leaving my hand silky and smooth. The key to this lightweight miracle is the essential oils used that do not sit; these oils are the oils that penetrate the skin in order to do its job!

The final result. Photo by Photo by
The final result. Photo by Photo by

I had a great experience and the staff were friendly and full of Southern Hospitality! I will definitely be adding the Boost treatment to my hair care regiment! For further information, check out the BASIC Hair Care website to locate a BASIC style expert near you.

FTC Disclosure: Services were provided gratis

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