Turtle Jewelry

So, I’ll admit it. I’m a little scared of turtles, no matter what their size. I think my fear of turtles began in junior high school when I used to have a turtle as a class pet. When it was my turn to bring the turtle home, he somehow managed to escape while we were cleaning his tank. I know, I know, turtles are slow and should be easy to catch. But, this one managed to dog paddle its way into the darkness of under my couch, and popped out in the middle of a scary movie. Since then, I have been scared.  I am, however, not afraid of wearing them in the form of blinged out chic accessories.  Here are some cool turtle inspired jewels:

Palm Beach Jewelry Black Ruthenium Crystal Turtle Bangle Bracelet, $55
Andrew Hamilton Crawford Jewelry Turtle Necklace Silver Pink Necklace, $63.00
Sea Turtle Earrings Green Cubic Zirconia Rhodium over Sterling Silver, $69.87

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