Trend Alert: Floral Pants

Flowers can be found everywhere in the summer, and I’m not just referring to the garden variety. Floral pants are just as in as Greek yogurt this year, and offer a chic, but casual summertime look. I will admit that this may be the one trend I will probably shy away from, because I can see this trend disappearing as soon as fall’s crunchy brown leaves send summer’s cheery vibe into obscurity . In all honesty, it is the perfect choice if you are trying to attract a lot of attention, but I’m having a very hard time pinning down when this fashion statement is acceptable to wear outside one’s home. But, if you must, below are some options that caught my eye.

Cropped Conversational Print Pants, $24.80 at Forever 21
Floral Sateen Slims, $118 at Anthropologie
J Brand Floral-Print Jeans, $141.40
AG Adriano Goldschmied The Legging Ankle Graphic Floral Twill, $178.00


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