What’s your sign? SEAH Astrological Jewelry

During New York Fashion Week, I was introduced to The SEAH Collection, an astrology-based line of luxury timepieces and jewelry. I immediately fell in love with the SEAH long earrings with yellow gold two-tone plating (pictured above) that I found, personalized with my astrological sign (Scorpio).

I’m not the only fan, it seems. Even the big stars are in alignment when it comes to SEAH. No, I’m not talking about the cosmic ones, but top stars including Misha Barton, Joss Stone, and Kelly Rowland, have been seen wearing items from luxury line’s watch collection.

Mischa Barton sporting a personalized watch (Aquarius) by Seah Watches LLC.

For years, SEAH has been known for producing magnificent watches, and recently launched its jewelry line for men and women, consisting of handcrafted earrings and high-quality leather bracelets, embellished with gold and stainless steel zodiac insignias. Considering astrology’s connection with direction and time, it seems natural that a company known for its iconic timepieces would integrate astral influences into its family.

Beautiful accessories from The SEAH Collection can be personalized with any of the 12 astrological symbols of your choosing. Each order comes with information prepared for you by SEAH designer and astrologer Rachel Levy, divulging knowledge about your sign and its significance…sounds to me like the perfect birthday gift.

Visit www.seahwatches.com to see more.

SEAH stud earrings with yellow gold two tone plating ($125).
SEAH Men’s black leather bracelet with stainless steel ($320).

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