Jewelry fit for a Princess

You don’t have to be Kate Middleton to wear jewelry that makes you feel like a princess. Show off your exquisite taste for the finer things in life by wearing gems that dazzle, and are so extravagant that even Elizabeth Taylor would envy your charms. Just don’t go too overboard; you want to feel like a princess, without the princess budget. Here are some budge-friendly stunning jewelry, sure to make you feel regal.

  1. Oval Blue Topaz and Diamond Accent Frame Earrings in 10K Gold, $126.65
  2. Created Ruby & Diamond 10K Yellow Gold Heart Key Pendant W/ Chain, $139.00
  3. Michael Valitutti Two-tone London Blue Topaz and Sapphire Ring, $169.99
  4. Sterling Silver / 24K Vermeil Peridot-Color / Royal Blue Quartz Doublet & White Topaz Pendant- $95.40
  5. Lauren by Ralph Lauren Necklace, Gold Tone Green Stone Pendant, $44.00
  6. Lafonn Canary Yellow Pendant Necklace, $120.00
  7. Gold over Silver Onyx, Red Garnet, and Diamond Accent Ring, $86.99

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