Fashionable Rain Boots

It has been raining nonstop in NYC over the last few weeks, and I have decided that it is time for me to cave in and purchase rain boots. I have been putting off owning a pair of these unfashionable ghastly creations for the longest time, but I’ve come to realize that rubber, waterproof footwear are a must-have for the kind of weather we have been experience here. But, I refuse to buy just any rain boot…oh, no, this fashionsista needs to purchase rain boots worthy of a runway or spread in Elle magazine. So, during my quest for cute, fashionable looking rain boots I’ve come across some really cool looking ones, and wanted to share them with you.

Fun Prints

  1. Kamik Women’s Amelia Rain Boot, $54.95 at
  2. Baxter Rain Boot, $69.95 at
  3. Women’s Rose Print Rain Boots – Navy, $32.99 at
  4. Kamik Heather , $42.00 at
  5. Gabriella Rocha Mission, White Floral, $49.00 at

High Fashion

The thing I dislike the most about rain boots is that you have to walk with shoes to change into when you each your destination. So, during my search I spent a  lot of time looking at boots that will not only act as rain protectors but look chic, and can be worn all day.

1. Coach Tristee Rainboot, $118

2. HUNTER “Champery” Wedge Rain Boots, $175.00

3. HUNTER “Regent Savoy” Rain Boots, $175.00

4. HUNTER “Lapins” Lace-Up Knee-High Rain Boots, $225

5. Dirty Laundry Rhane Rain Boot, $49.95

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