S/S 2012 N:F:P Collection Runway

Knitted sweaters in the collection are multi-functional.

On Wednesday, September 14th I attended a fashion show by designer Gail Travis of N:F:P Studio, who unveiled her Spring 2012 collection in creative fashion presentation at Wix Lounge. This was not your ordinary runway show. As models emerged, they first stopped at a clothing rack, and added garments to the ensemble they were already wearing. In the center of the runway, they paused and transitioned the clothes they had on into completely different pieces by layering, folding, and connecting claps and buttons. When the models finally reached the end of the runway, they stopped in front of a mirror to undress and transform their clothing once more, as if we were getting a peep show into their private dressing room.

The collection features knitted sweaters, hand felted dresses, bodysuits, leggings, tops amongst other pieces that the designer considers architectural building blocks. The ability for the garments to be turned upside-down, backwards, and creatively molded to suits one’s style, allows for personal expression and an innovative fashion statement.

A model stops to adjust the clothing.
Guests were given an intimate look into a model's private dressing room as she adjusts herself in front of a mirror.
Free-flowing geometric forms are a signature style of the designer.
Each piece has the ability to be modeled to fit each individual's style.
Subtle, muted colors were heavily prevalent in the collection.

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