Under my umbrella (Ella ella, ay ay ay)

April showers bring May flowers – we have all heard this rhyme at some point in our lives. So, now that April has begun and the rain showers are looming, I thought it was best to seek out the most beautiful and stylish umbrellas, worthy of a Rhianna music video.

1. MOMA Sky Umbrella – $48.00
2. Pink Gerbera Daisy Flower Umbrella – Folding Compact Art Umbrella with Automatic Push Button Opening & Close – $18.99
3. Felix Rey “Rain Rain Go Away” Clear Bubble Umbrella– $65.00
4. Antique Rose Umbrella 46″ arc, 100% Pongee cover Galleria – $19.99
5. Hummingbird Stick Umbrella – $22.98

One Comment Add yours

  1. littleminnie says:

    Think the third one is my fave-thankfully haven’t seen much rain lately..I’ve probably jinxed it now!!Xx

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