I have a closet full of clothes, yet I can never find anything to wear

photo: Getty
photo: Getty

Recently, I stood before my closet exasperated as I looked at the many items of clothing I own, but still felt that I had nothing to wear. I know that every female goes through this at least once and maybe even multiple times a year, but I really hate the feeling of being surrounded by tons of clothing and still feeling unsatisfied.  As I peered into the closet, I could still see price tags dangling from sweaters I bought last year, shiny plastic slip coverings gleaming over unworn dresses, and years of boxes pilled snugly one on top of the other with brand new shoes neatly tucked away inside. With this mountainous supply of unworn fashion attire, one would think it would be easy to pick out something to wear, but such is not the case for me, and plenty of other women out there.

I realized a portion of my problem comes from my incessant need to buy items that are on sale, or what I perceive to be good deals, regardless of whether or not I will ever wear the outfits. For example, I own a short sweater jacket lined with faux fur around the collar, but I hate the way the fur trend looks on me, so I never wear any fur-related clothing. But, when I saw the jacket in the store on sale for just $10, I had to buy it. I also realized that a lot of the clothes I have are old, out of style, unwearable, and simply don’t fit; but, I have separation anxiety and am unable to part with these garments which hold the keys that are able to unlock my historical fashion faux paus.

One day, I hope to be able to donate the clothes I don’t wear to homeless shelters and charities such as the Salvation Army. But, for right now, I prefer to keep them, because the moment I do get rid of the fur jacket, the next day I will be invited to a faux fur dress up party, and be left exasperated, standing in front of the closet, with nothing to wear.

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