Facial Toners: Are they really a skin care must-have?

Toners are one of the least used skin care items primarily because many people are unaware of their benefits. Sadly, toners are heralded as ‘unnecessary’ by many and this is downright false. If you currently aren’t using a toner already, find out why toners are truly a skin care-must have.

1. They are your cleanser’s sidekick
After you’ve cleansed your face, sometimes not every trace of makeup is thoroughly removed. This is where a toner will save the day. It ensures that every bit of dirt, oil and makeup is gone. Moreover, the tap water you’re using to wash your face may contain minerals, harmful elements and chlorine; a toner will help eliminate that from your skin.

2. They restore the pH levels in your skin
One of the unique aspects of toner is that it helps restore a balanced pH level in the skin. For instance, if a bar soap is used, that can disrupt the protective moisture barrier of the skin, rendering a pH level too high and leaving the skin feeling and looking dry. However, a toner will balance the pH in the skin if applied directly after the face is cleansed.

3. They are your serum and moisturizer’s booster
Did you know that toners enhance the efficacy of serums and moisturizers? When skin is damp with a toner and a serum or moisturizer is applied on top of dampened skin, it makes the skin up to 10 times more penetrable, thereby increasing the power of the product. Pretty cool, huh? Continue reading “Facial Toners: Are they really a skin care must-have?”