NYC Hot Spot: Grace Street Cafe

If you’re the type of person who likes to Instagram everything you eat and drink, then add Grace Street Café in NYC’s Koreatown to the top of your list. The café serves Asian deserts, such as donuts and snow ice, alongside a curated selection of premium teas and specialty coffee. I recently visited the café and ordered the Rose Petal Milk Tea, which is adorned … Continue reading NYC Hot Spot: Grace Street Cafe

Cocktail Inspired Beauty Treatments

Many people go to bars to enjoy a good cocktail, but one thing the bartender won’t tell you is that the beverage you’re sipping on may have many hidden beauty benefits. Of course you don’t want to try any of the below alcohol inspired beauty treatments when you are actually at the bar surrounded by people. But, in the privacy of your own home you … Continue reading Cocktail Inspired Beauty Treatments