Makeup for Men: Guyliner & Manscara

It seems that men these days are just as much concerned about their appearance as females. It’s no secret that male celebrities are smothered in foundation for photo and movie shoots. But, lately, I’ve notice a major trend among straight celebrity men: guyliner and manscara. That’s right ladies, men are slowly starting to catch on to the secret weapons we use to define our eyes. … Continue reading Makeup for Men: Guyliner & Manscara

Lanvin for H&M hits stores Today

The heavily anticipated Lanvin collection for H&M launches in 24 U.S. H&M stores today. Usually, the fashion house’s clothes are out of the price range for the average fashionista on a budget. But, this collection, designed by Lanvin’s artistic director Alber Elbaz, is much more affordable while still staying true to the designer’s glamorous, high-end style. The limited-edition collection features designer clothes for both men … Continue reading Lanvin for H&M hits stores Today

Drake – Best Dressed of the Week

The honor of best dressed of the week goes to Drake, who attended Lil’ Wayne’s Mimai bash to celebrate the rapper’s recent release from prison, wearing a ritzy Tom Ford suit on Sunday night. A flashy metallic teal blazer stood out against a simple white button down shirt, paired with black trousers. Drake felt he had to “suit up” for the occasion, reports MTV. Nicki … Continue reading Drake – Best Dressed of the Week