Stressed? There’s a free App for that

screenshot-3We all live stressful lives. Whether it’s stress at work, at home, or just overall, many don’t take the time to decompress. Deepak Chopra recently released a new book, Radical Beauty, with celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, that claims that Spiritual Beauty (fostering inner peace to increase external beauty) is one of the key pillars to achieve the highest expression of personal beauty. But, how can we work on fostering inner peace with a million things to do every minute of every day? The answer: meditate. A Women’s Health article claims that stress can cause wrinkles, acne, eczema and hair loss among other things. If you can’t make it to a meditation center to relax your mind, try one of these free apps to give you the mental boost you need so your mind, body and spirit remain healthy.

Headspace – This introductory app will help you kick start your mediation practice with a free introductory series that includes ten sessions of ten minutes each to help train your mind to relax.

Calm – One of my favorites, this app aims to help you fall asleep faster with over 25 soothing sounds. Additionally, there are three different meditation options to choose from which includes 7-21 days of guided mediation, unguided sessions and mediation sessions that last from two-twenty minutes. It also has a “HealthKit,” so you can track your Calm sessions as “Mindful Minutes” in the Apple Health App. If you go directly to their website from your desktop, you can use it for free with no log-in.

Smiling Mind – Developed by a not-for-profit organization to make mindfulness meditation accessible to all, there are several program available, which are grouped by ages ranging from young children to adults. There are even tools to teach mindfulness in the classroom, sports training and workplace.

Sattva – You can use this app online or on your phone, which is an added bonus for those of you who may want to do this at your desks while working, but you have to sign up. You can track your heart rate and mood before and after sessions. Plus, there are challenges and rewards to help inspire you.

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