Women’s Mafia Fashionable Friday Beauty & Style Gifting Event

Yesterday was a scorcher in NYC. But, in the 100 degree heat, I managed to make it to the Women’s Mafia Fashionable Friday Beauty & Style Gifting Event held at Arrojo Salon in downtown Manhattan.

As soon as I entered, I was immediately drawn to the table of Jeweler & Metalsmith, J. Rudy Lewis, who displayed his new collection on three small tables in the back of the Salon. Mr. Lewis has a background in’ Anthropology, Archeology and Art, and the items in the collection heavily evoke this. The pieces are not limited to traditional materials but instead, draw from a variety of sources including hand finished leather straps, Ancient Greek coins, and hand hammered sterling.

Victoria's Cuff - Hand forged and fabricated brass cuff with brass vulture buttons and one detailed vulture head and hand finished 4' leather strap.
Cuffs from the Moods collection.

I then wandered over to my favorite stop of the night, which was at the mini makeovers counter. Arrojo Makeup Artist Liz Marz somehow managed to find the perfect concealer shade for my very hard to match light golden skin. She used makeup for a cosmetics line called Giella. I loved how great the concealer worked, and I have decided to definitely make a stop back at the Salon to purchase it. All of the colors she applied on me were so amazing, and I regret not doing a before and after photo to share with you all (note to self: take pictures of yourself at makeover events).

Arrojo Makeup Artist Liz Marz treating an atendee to a mini makeover.
co-branded and customized ARROJO / GIELLA makeup line.

On the opposite side of the salon top Arrojo Stylists were on hand for hair styling and cutting. I was amazed at how in-depth they went with each person, but I refused to have anyone touch my hair, which had ballooned to a giant ball of frizz because of the humidity.

Finally, I listened to a hilarious reading by celebrity stylist/esthetician Lora Condon, whose new book SPA WARS: The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry, tells true stories about the behind-the-scenes highs and lows of the spa and beauty industry in the most comical manner. The book also teaches proper spa etiquette, and offers beauty tips, tricks and treatments for your skin. I went home with a copy of the book that Lora graciously signed. You can purchase a copy for yourself here»

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