Go Hiking in Stilettos….Seriously

Sandal manufacturer Teva has teamed up with Grey Ant clothing company to make one of this year’s most brilliant, yet bizarre fashion finds….a 4-inch stacked stiletto so comfortable it can be worn in the great outdoors. The website the shoes can be bought on boasts that the pumps are the “most comfortable, performance high heel(s) on the planet,” while showcasing pictures of women wearing the shoes while hiking, climbing and performing various outdoor activities. Yet, at the very bottom of the product description it reads: “Not recommended for actual hiking, gardening, mountain climbing, or Phish concerts.” So, I suppose the pictures are just a marketing ploy to garner interest, but the pumps may still be a viable option if you are looking for comfortable heels that apparently feel like sneakers. The stilettos, which are best paired with socks, are available in Natural and Black and cost $330.

5 thoughts on “Go Hiking in Stilettos….Seriously

  1. haha… well.. I know that my mum did climb Ben Nevis (biggest mountain in the UK) while wearing heels (back in the day). Shes only 5ft… so that might have had something to do with it…
    So – I’m sure theyd appeal to some 🙂
    Also… considering how your feet feel after a big night out …. maybe some more ‘functional’ heels are in order?

  2. interesting… i’m not sure what to think of this, mostly b/c they actually LOOK like hiking shoes. That makes them less appealing to me, but still very unique! I’m curious to see how these do in the market. 🙂

  3. @theonlineshopper: their claim is that you would be able to wear this all night and be comfortable…I’m not sure if that’s true or not, and I’m certainly not willing to pay $330 to find out!

    @ My Style Advice: I agree that the look of the shoes are not appealing. It’s great that they made comfortable pumps, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort!

    1. yes, i agree.. shoes should be both comfortable and stylish! Although, i am guilty of choosing style over comfort in many occasions… sometimes you just dont know if the shoes will be comfortable or KILLERS.. :-/

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